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Well Formed User Stories Matter

It's The Agile Way

Creating User Stories Is Easy

User stories are easy and fast to write. People with no software development experience at all can write them easily to communicate their goals.

Written By The “User”

User stories are ideally written by the product manager. This helps the development team gain a better understanding of the functionality.

Made for Remote Developers

User stories will help alleviate software development communication challenges with freelancers or outsourced teams.

Easier to Understand

User stories help minimize the Time-to-Understand variable (time developers need to understand the requirements). User stories minimize the need to speak to the PM to clarify key parts of the requirements.

Useful For Planning

User stories can be used readily in project planning. User stories are written so that each can be given an estimate of how difficult or time–consuming it will be to develop.

Faster and Cheaper

Client user stories help development teams better estimate the development roadmap needed to complete the project. More accurate estimates and roadmaps lead to quicker development and faster delivery times, hence a cheaper project.

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